GS-YLS08-1 height 126cm 4 branches 9 fruits garden supplier artificial magnolia plant artificial magnolia trees

Product Description of Artificial magnolia plant Appellation of product: Artificial magnolia plant Material of  Artificial potted plant: Plastic Specifications size detail: about H:126/178/200cm

Product Description

Product Description of Artificial magnolia plant

Appellation of product: Artificial magnolia plant

Material of  Artificial potted plant: Plastic

Specifications size detail: about H:126/178/200cm

The Benefits of Simulating Plants

1.the advantage of choosing simulated plants is that they do not need to be taken care of or fertilized to maintain their original state. When choosing simulated plants for indoor landscaping, we do not need to spend time taking care of them. We can enjoy the landscaping effect by placing them there all the time, It is very easy to take care of in the later stages.

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2.With the rapid development of building material technology, design ideas and creativity have been unprecedentedly liberated. More and more tall indoor spaces have appeared in our lives. The development of simulated plants, preservation plants, and the improvement of artistic reprocessing have led to more simulated plants interpreting the perfect harmony between humans and nature.

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3.It can add a green vitality to the warm space, simulating green plants and potted plants, with a vibrant green atmosphere and a natural and natural posture, as if it were fresh and lively. When paired, it has the charm of a small forest, with staggered heights and undulations

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