Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

Ancient Green Landscape Indoor or Outdoor Decorative 3m Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

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Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

 Product name:Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

The banyan tree is a unique traditional tree in southern China. Because of its drought resistance, cold resistance, wind resistance, high sunlight resistance, and good ornamental and decorative characteristics, the artificial banyan tree is widely used in urban greening and rural gardening. . However, with the passage of time, a large number of natural banyan trees have been destroyed due to soil erosion and tree death caused by various reasons (such as mining, construction, forest fires, natural erosion, etc.). In order to protect the natural banyan tree and make it grow again, people began to try to use artificial banyan trees to replace the traditional natural banyan trees.


Features of Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees:

1. Realistic shape

The texture is clear and the shape is realistic by using a real tree 1:1 mold

2. Durable

Made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, not easy to break and can withstand high and low external temperatures

3. Easy to install

Each tree is made in a disassembled form. The main trunk and branches are labeled. When installing, find the corresponding label and plug it in.

4. Class B1 flame retardant

After testing, all samples meet the requirements of GB8624-2012, which is graded by the B1 grade of fabric combustion performance.

The artificial banyan tree can not only protect the local natural banyan tree; it can also reduce the CO2 content; and it can ensure the concentration of PM2.5 in the surrounding atmosphere. All parties should do everything possible to protect the environment around us; the artificial banyan tree is a sign that we value or "love".

Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

Large Artificial Ficus Banyan Trees

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