Factory fabric bottom floral wall outdoor background wedding decoration

Artificial Flower wall Size: Customizable Material: Flower:silk Artificial Flower wall support customization-Color ,size ,shape all can be customized according to your requirement.

Product Description

Factory Artificial Flower wall

Product Description of Factory fabric bottom floral wall outdoor background wedding decoration

Appellation of product: Artificial Flower wall

Material of  Artificial Flower wall: Plastic, fabric

Specifications size detail: about H: 1m*1m /size customized (factory direct sales, size specifications style can be customized according to clients’ requirements ).

Product characteristics of  Artificial Flower wall:

1、 Long usage time: Using simulation flowers does not require care, and the usage time is also very long. If properly protected, it can be used for up to 5-10 years.

2、 Multiple varieties: There are no regional restrictions on simulated flowers, and any variety of flowers can be imitated for production, making it very convenient to choose simulated flower decorations.

3、 Strong applicability: It can be applied anywhere without environmental or regional restrictions, making it very convenient to place.

Packing way: OPP bag + paper carton, as per customer's request

Lead time: 3-7 days by shipping fee, about 28 days by ocean shipping

Usage scenarios of  Artificial Flower wall: home, window shows, decoration for plaza, hotel, restaurant, waiting room, Gradient colored , garden, window shows, party, family and other various occasions

Artificial Flower wall

floral wall background wedding decoration

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