Simulated flower wall cloth bottom 3D background wall gradient wedding layout studio photography

Artificial Flower wall Size: Customizable Material: Flower:silk Artificial Flower wall support customization-Color ,size ,shape all can be customized according to your requirement.

Product Description

Simulated flower wall

Product Description of Artificial Flower wall

Appellation of product: Artificial Flower wall

Material of  Artificial Flower wall: Plastic, fabric

Specifications size detail: about H: 1m*1m /size customized (factory direct sales, size specifications style can be customized according to clients’ requirements ).

Product characteristics of  Artificial Flower wall:

1. Wind resistant and UV resistant, this tree species is suitable for various indoor and outdoor specifications to choose from; It can resist wind and ultraviolet radiation.

2. To prevent fire, it is necessary to add fireproof materials to achieve the characteristics of non spontaneous combustion and non combustion support. It can be automatically extinguished after leaving the ignition source.

3. Anti moth, anti corrosion, moisture-proof, mold proof, acid and alkali resistant, non cracking, not easily deformed, mouth washed, non-toxic and odorless, with strong durability.

Packing way: OPP bag + paper carton, as per customer's request

Lead time: 3-7 days by shipping fee, about 28 days by ocean shipping

Usage scenarios of  Artificial Flower wall: home, window shows, decoration for plaza, hotel, restaurant, waiting room, Gradient colored , garden, window shows, party, family and other various occasions

flower background wall

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