Fiberglass artificial cherry tree

Fiberglass (glass fiber) is one of the commonly used materials in artificial cherry trees. It is a glass fiber reinforced plastic that is lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant and durable. The artificial cherry tree made of Fiberglass can very realistically simulate the appearance and texture of a real cherry tree.

Product Description

artificial cherry tree

Fiberglass artificial cherry tree


Size: Customizable


Material:peach Leaves: silk, plastic.


Brunch - plastic


Trunk - plastic


Artificial cherry blossom Tree support customization-Color ,size ,shape all can be customized according to your requirement.


Fiberglass artificial cherry tree


Advantage of Artificial cherry blossom tree:


1. Durable: The cherry blossom simulation tree is made of high-quality materials, has a very high service life, is not easily affected by the natural environment, and will not wither or rot;


2. Save time and effort: no need to spend time watering;


3. Beautiful: The appearance design of the artificial cherry tree is exquisite and lifelike, which can render a romantic and beautiful cherry blossom landscape;


4. Environmental protection and health: the simulated cherry tree does not need to use chemicals or pesticides, is harmless to the environment and human health, and conforms to the concept of sustainable development;


5. Strong customizability: The artificial cherry tree can be customized according to individual needs, including tree height, red color, etc., to meet the needs of different occasions and styles.


6. Directly imitate natural trees for production, simulate the height of the tree, and achieve the effect of fake or fake. Usually placed indoors. Due to the physiological characteristics of natural trees, large trees are not suitable for indoor planting. The indoor environment is not conducive to the growth of trees. Therefore, indoor landscape trees are all simulated artificial trees.


7.  Widely applicable: weddings, Hotels, amusement parks, office buildings, residential areas, ecological parks, shopping malls, squares, airports, and other areas can be used in combination.

fiberglass artificial tree

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