China Large scale simulated cherry blossom made of plastic artificial cherry tree decorated with trees in shopping malls and scenic areas manufacturers, suppliers

Large artificial cherry blossom blossom tree. The trunk is made of fiberglass material. Colors, sizes, and shapes can be customized. Large decorative shopping malls, halls, forest park scenic spots, etc.

Product Description

Large scale simulated cherry blossom tree

Product name:Artificial cherry blossom tree

Material of Artificial cherry blossom tree:Silk flowers, Real wood trunk/fibreglass tree trunk

Size of Artificial cherry blossom tree:Whatever the height, we can customize it.

Color:No matter pink, white, purple, green, blue and so on, we can customize.

Customization:If you have your own design, pls send us the drawing, we will customize the tree for you.

Style:No matter banyan tree, olive tree, cherry tree, wisteria tree, maple tree, apple tree, lemon tree, pine tree, palm tree, or coconut tree etc, we all could customize.

Advantageof Artificial cherry blossom tree:1.Good corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, high temperature resistance, Uv protection ,environmentally friendly.
2,significant effect of improving air quality.

Artificial cherry blossom tree

Artificial cherry blossom tree

Artificial cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

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