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Product Description of Artificial potted plant Appellation of product: Artificial potted plant Material of  Artificial potted plant: Plastic Specifications size detail: about H: 70/55/80cm

Product Description

Simulated potted plant

Simulated potted plant office decoration

Product Description of Artificial potted plant

Appellation of product: Artificial potted plant

Material of  Artificial potted plant: Plastic

Specifications size detail: about H: 70/55/80cm

1、 Simulated landscape plants are not constrained by natural conditions such as sunlight, air, moisture, and seasons. Plant species can be selected according to on-site needs. Whether in the northwest desert or the desolate Gobi, a green world like spring can be created all year round;

Simulated potted plant office floor decoration

2、 Indoor simulation plants have the ornamental function of a beautiful home and can transform a good living environment. One characteristic of indoor landscaping is that they can be viewed year-round and are very suitable for modern urban life without needing to be taken care of. Nowadays, indoor landscaping with simulation plants is deeply loved by people, and its indoor landscaping effect can be seen in public places such as homes, hotels, buildings, offices, and restaurants.

Simulated potted plant office floor decoration

3、 Easy to manage


The indoor landscaping effects of different types of plants naturally vary. Many people who use plants for landscaping need to choose suitable plants, and the selection of plants should also be in line with indoor survival. However, the advantage of choosing simulated plants is that they do not need to be taken care of or fertilized to maintain their original state. When choosing simulated plants for indoor landscaping, we do not need to spend time taking care of them. We can enjoy the landscaping effect by placing them there all the time, It is very easy to take care of in the later stages.

Simulated potted plant office floor decoration

Artificial potted plant

Simulated potted plant office floor decoration

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