6.5m High Fiberglass Trunk Artificial Sakura Tree for Decoration

6.5m high fiberglass trunk artificial sakura tree for decoration

Product Description

High Fiberglass Trunk

Name: Artificial cherry blossom tree


Material:  High quality silk + plastics, wood, fiberglass


Reference sizes: size custom (factory direct sales, size specifications style can be customized according to clients’ requirements ).


Applicable occasions of  Artificial cherry blossom treeWedding table centerpieces decoration, Salon, Restaurant, Events, Party, Exhibition, Rent service, Birthday etc



Price of  Artificial cherry blossom tree:  customized specifications ,the picture is just for reference only, subject to the final production. To get the specific price details, please consult our sales.


Product characteristics of  Artificial cherry blossom tree

1. The surface pattern is clear and realistic, with a strong sense of three-dimensional.      

2. Can be customized according to the requirements of various specifications. Meet the different needs of different customers.

3. beautifying the environment, and durable.

6.5m High Fiberglass Trunk Artificial Sakura Tree for Decoration


Artificial Sakura Tree for Decoration

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