White cherry blossom tree

Artificial cherry blossom tree Size: Customizable Material: cherry Leaves: silk, plastic.. Brunch-Wood Trunk-wood Artificial Cherry blossom Tree support customization-Color ,size ,shape all can be customized according to your requirement! Our artificial cherry blossom trees can meet the requirements of UV protection or fire protection!

Product Description

cherry blossom tree

Product Description of Artificial cherry blossom Tree

Size detail: size custom(Artificial Cherry blossom Tree support customization-Color ,size ,shape all can be customized according to your requirement.)
Material: cherry  Leaves: silk, plastic...Brunch-plastic, Trunk-plastic


Advantage of Artificial cherry blossom tree:

1.From an artistic perspective, simulating cherry blossom trees reshapes people's lives, filling the world with beautiful enjoyment, and creating a harmonious, minimalist, and beautiful home decoration environment. In terms of practicality, simulated cherry blossom trees have good decorative effects. The simulation of cherry blossom trees with curved rods has a natural characteristic of bending beauty, giving people a special visual experience.


2.The texture of the simulated cherry blossom tree trunk is extremely delicate, with lush leaves that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also exquisitely crafted, with natural color transitions that look great. The exquisite craftsmanship of the simulated cherry blossom tree, carefully selected raw materials, and the use of new gluing technology make the leaf veins clear, the color fresh and tender, and the touch delicate, smooth, and glossy.


3.In recent years, there have been many applications of simulated cherry blossom trees for indoor and outdoor gold backbone. Urban landscapes require decorative handicrafts such as simulated cherry blossom trees to beautify. Simulated cherry blossom trees can also collide well with the indoor space and characteristics of the landscape, thereby arousing charm. Continuous improvement is sufficient for continuous development. 

Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details by wooden carton or customized

Lead time: 3-7 days by shipping fee about 28 days by ocean shipping

White cherry blossom tree

White cherry blossom tree

White cherry blossom tree



artificial white cherry blossom tree

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