Height 20cm 5 branches garden decor fiddle leaf fig ficus tree with pot faux tree potted plants artificial plant

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Product Description

Faux fiddle leaf fig ficus tree potted plants

Product Name:Faux fiddle leaf fig ficus tree potted plants

This is an artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus Tree potted plant that is favored for its realistic appearance and decorative qualities.

This artificial banyan tree is made of high-quality simulated materials, the details of the trunk and branches and leaves are carefully designed and crafted, making it almost indistinguishable from the real banyan tree. The foliage is a deep green with lifelike leaf shapes and textures, recreating the unique beauty of a real banyan tree.

The potted part of an artificial banyan tree usually has a firm base to give the plant balance and stability. This design allows the banyan tree to be easily placed in various interior spaces such as living rooms, offices, shops, etc.

Compared to real plants, this artificial banyan tree requires no special lighting, watering or pruning. You can enjoy the beauty of the banyan tree at any time without spending extra time and effort on maintenance. At the same time, the artificial banyan tree will not cause allergic reactions or emit harmful substances, and is safe and harmless to humans and pets.

Color:Natural color

Material of Artificial potted plants:Plastic


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leaf texture is clearly visible, natural color transition

smooth and simple flower pot, will not scratch the ground or desk. Cement injection, not easy to fall down


Faux ficus tree potted plants

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