Nordic Style Popular Plastic Leaves Artificial Bonsai Plants 220cm Olive Tree For Shopping Mall Supermarket Store Decor

Product Description of Artificial olive tree/ bonsai potted tree Appellation of product: Artificial olive tree/ bonsai potted tree Material of  Artificial potted plant: Plastic Specifications size detail: about H: 240/75/200/190/170/203/68/160/125/115/150/180/120/185/90cm

Product Description

Product Description of Artificial olive tree/ bonsai potted tree

Appellation of product: Artificial olive tree/ bonsai potted tree

Material of  Artificial potted plant: Plastic

Specifications size detail: about H: 240/75/200/190/170/203/68/160/125/115/150/180/120/185/90cm

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Advantages of simulating potted plants

1.Easy maintenance Simulated plants are biomimetic plants that are not constrained by natural conditions such as sunlight, air, and seasons. Artificial cultivation of simulated plants can save maintenance time such as watering, fertilization, and pest control. They are suitable for use all year round, and can also provide you with a green and comfortable world in winter.

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2.Green and environmentally friendly


The production of simulated plants mainly consists of plastic products, polyester products, and materials made from resin clay. In addition, metal rods, blow molding paper, fiber filaments, decorative paper, and ribbons are also used, all of which are pollution-free or have minimal pollution.

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3.Low cost Using simulated plants for landscaping can save costs, reduce cultivation costs, maintenance costs, fertilization costs, and various maintenance costs. Moreover, simulated plants can be used for a very long time, which can be said to be both discounted and affordable!

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